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Maggie Kendis
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Animals are a big part of my life and focus on my prints, because they are all around me.
Whether it’s my dogs, cats, horsies, birds, my friends are now asking for pet portraits of their pets. I have also translated those pets into personal pins, pendants, and earrings. Also, since my teens, when I lived in Mexico and was mesmerized by their art, the retablos, the carvings, the colors, and the joy. I am bringing that influence into my work now, creating a combination of my prints incorporated into the Mexican retablos (originally devotional paintings of saints, and made thanking a sacred person for their protection). These are cut out panels I make, pasting my prints onto them, and then embellished with acrylics.
My prices vary from framed prints between $20 for mini prints, to $60 and up for commissions.

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