Tea and Calligraphy: The Italic Hand

October 22, 2 to 4 P.M. Ashford Senior Center

Kathy Lepak is a calligrapher, graphic designer and illustrator. For over forty years her calligraphy has graced wedding invitations and envelopes, certificates, proclamations, and her own illustrated artwork, along with a wide variety of different calligraphic projects. Kathy has taught classes at Arts Center East, Vernon; the Coventry Arts Guild and the studios at Cheney Homestead Arts in Manchester.

Come join Kathy for a two hour excursion into the art of the calligrapher. She will be teaching the use of the broad-edged nib in the formation of each of the letters of the Italic hand. Exemplars will be provided, along with samples and guidelines. Also included in the student package is her booklet “Notes on Calligraphy”, basic materials used and a listing of online or local sources for materials.  A $5.00 fee for nibs and pen holders will be requested plus $5 class fee for non-members (members class fee $0.

Please make certain to indicate when you register if you are right or left handed, as it makes a difference in the pen nibs that she will supply to each student.

Sign-up for this workshop must be received by October 13 so that nibs and holders may be ordered.

During a short, mid-class break, tea and scones will be served.

You may register by emailing Kathy

Website:  www.kathleenlepak.com

Instagram:  instagram.com/kathleenlepak

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