Kathy Weigold, Weaver

Kathy Weigold

Kathy Weigold has made a career of production weaving. Subcontracting work from designers of handwoven fabrics, she makes their designs become a reality. Spanning 40 years plus, many miles of fabrics have been produced.
Kathy learned production weaving skills at The Marshfield School of Weaving in VT. A lifetime of honing those skills, both in operating the loom and seeing how colors interact. Kathy also developed her own line of woven goods. First with rugs, having a practical bent and using things on hand. What better use for old worn out clothes, sheets, blankets and the like then to make them into something usable again. Dish towels that are 100% cotton and really work.
Scarves that have their own personality; no two alike. Wooly ponchos, soft, light and warm.
Color interactions that simply amaze. These are some of the things that comprise her work and life.
Kathy will be our Presenter at our July 13th meeting.