Website & Marketing Basics Workshop – Carli Gidman

Website and Marketing Basics Workshop:
Designed for the Small Business / Artist

Presented by Carli Gidman

Carli Gidman was born and raised here in Ashford, Connecticut. Creation was always a part of her life as a child; however, the years took her in a different direction. In 2013, with a Bachelor in Business and a Masters in Strategic Management, Carli was living in Ohio working 9-5 with no time for creative energy, only decisive decisions, and concrete outcomes, when her life was turned upside down. A major motor vehicle accident left her with a traumatic brain injury. The following years, consisted of nothing but doctors’ appointments and sleep, an existence drained of passion and energy. At her lowest point, a doctor suggested she start painting again. She fell back in love. Creation gave her an outlet to find the energy of the world, the ability to see the beauty and the inspiration to continue into the known.
After moving back to Ashford and years of recovery, Carli is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership. She has learned to marry the world of art and the world of business to become an expert in small business marketing. In this modern world having a brand that expresses you are and what your about is essential in connecting with consumers. This introductory workshop will help artists who want to explore the idea of business in creating a brand, a website, and connect with a greater audience. Carli will help all attendees find cost-effective, if not free, ways to achieve the next level in their marketing and small business goals. 

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